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Good night dear blog . nothing good when it comes to ME . hardly believing that in such little business will gain that much attentions of pathetic people . of course with narrow-minded one . but i have decided to rise above them . tipu lah kalau tak maki sedas , tapi bukan maki , cuma sembur kebenaran . sebab 99% orang yang scan kesalahan kita , they hardly trying to prove something bad about us , isnt it ? so , kalau kita lebih kenal diri kita , produk yang kita bawa , why let these pathetic people drag your passion away though ? dont be bothered by them , not a lil piece of your thought worth it . 

so much pressure that i seem to get used to it . finally i can see the silver lining behind of my everyday pressure . but to be frank , im afraid if i manage to go through it all alone , that i will think i can stand by my very own , and i will think i dont need anyone . probably that would pull me totally from being socialing with others . with anyone.

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