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This Closure

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thought me and you were the perfect two
but lately i cant see it through
you dont get me so
you dont get me at all

i loved you in the worst way
you couldnt make it to my birthday
and i heard you're doing okay
but i dont listen to the birds say

give it some time and then maybe some more
we simply got so much living in store
but now my heart is sore
now im seeing what this distance is for

saddest part is that you were the best friend to me
but now you're nothing more than enemy
guess that means it wasnt meant to be
but that dont change our memories

im running from the one
the one i thought was the one
i know how cliche
i know my words dont mean much

they say breaking up is hard to do
even waking up now is harder too
moving on is like goin to loo
but it seems easy for you

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