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Fall Sick

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believe me im crawling over the floor just to get my laptop at the edge of the room, just to update my blog . nah tipu . im on my bed with koolfever on my forehead then it suddenly get on my neck . im one of the people who never get sick . but once i did , its like a pure disaster to the whole body , i mean it . 

well its raining these few days , on and off . while its getting lower temperature by the outside of the house , while my body temperature keep rising . whatever it is , why this short entry become a must updated one , look im not a fan of any famous apps , including Smule . so i never heard lagu Bayang since the singer came from Smule  i think .plus, like the tittle got no seductive sense to make me even click . but gladly today i did . that i found out the one song i've been looking for after i heard once on the radio for the past month , was that song .

so i shared here , eventhough i feel like im a little left behind to share . since everyone already knew the song . well it didnt bother me , neither stop me from sharing .huhu. orang demam kena tidur awal , esok kan nak demam lagi ?

so for those accidently view this blog ,whoever you are, please take good care of your health , nowdays bad viruses are like new celebrities , everything happen in instant , all of sudden .huhu.jangan lupa minum air mineral banyak , cliche. night .

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