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One Good Song I Will Be Fine

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The skillful use of music and musical elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain, and restore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health , that is what we know as music therapy. music has nonverbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities .

Lets skip to whats real , as for me , good songs always come with meaningful lyrics , aren't they ? i dont give a damn about the languages used , lagu melayu pun ada juga yang best susunan rentak lagu dengan bait-bait lirik terbaik dari ladang . even few songs in mandarin i used to listen to .

In the back then when i was fourteen , every morning i will listening to some songs on ntv7 as far as i remember , before going to school . macam marathon lagu pun ada , hardly find malay songs in track , mostly english songs . probably my english getting better by the habits . plus , i discovered new words , new phrases throughout the songs . im not one of those bookworms , really. so there's no way my english language enrichment comes from reading , there's no way. mostly i get new words indirectly when i watch tv or listen to breaking news . kalau tv3 , dari pukul 12.00 malam sampai 12.30 malam if im not mistaken. terpaksa tunggu berita setengah jam tu , baru movie bersambung -.-

As everything is never as it seems , nice songs just like an escapism for me,from such bad world out there. sometimes i live in those songs . i dont know if its one of mental disorders -.- listening to some good music , i feel like my changeable mood swings going better . i think. but trust me , im decent looking guy -.-

My Quite First Time

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frankly saying , im not in the right mood to write about food or anything relates . i just not in the right mood to do anything -.- anyhow, that was my first time having steambot & grill experiences . about few hours ago i think . only then i realized that actually my large intestine is not that large -.- i just ate  one bowl of yee mee then im fulled . not that i want to brag about my organ capabilities anyway . what a relief . knowing im not capable to have belly expension skill or things like that . oh what am i talking .

this cafe state that every 100g leftovers will be charged for RM 10 . berani nak ambil banyak ? sendiri mau ingat .since i really never had steambot before , so im quite been frighten by the rule . as you can see clearly the green plate above, that was mine and i have put it all back .seriously , i dont know what was wrong with my body , or my tank tonight , unlike usual .so unlike me. what am i talking .

having an intense eye contact while having my stomach ache welcoming foods , really not what i expecting for . but nothing left to regret , appreciating beautiful views around us , isnt it pleasant things to do while dinner ? ha.. maybe my glasses make me look weirdo than i am , that someone keep staring at -.- or am i just too handsome to be ignored . either one.

as cute as tampons , as stylish as Harry Style , as frightening as train to busan , how come zombies could running this time ,like real quick. i hate it . what am i talking .


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