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White Chocolate Lovers Should Read This

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who likes white choco as much as I do ? wuhuu..the taste is just great. i rather have the white one rather than the dark choco,i couldnt bear the bitter taste of dark choco -.- lets get back on the topics , white chocolate is made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk, making it high in saturated fat. While white chocolate contains a good amount of calcium, it isn't a healthy food because it doesn't supply significant doses of other essential nutrients to make up for the high calorie, sugar and fat content.

1 White chocolate is a bit of a misnomer. The treat is actually made of cocoa butter, which is the fat from cocoa beans, mixed with ingredients like milk and thickening agents.

2 you might not want to melt white and dark chocolate together. you have to heat white chocolate slowly and carefully because it can easily burn and seize.

3 You might still be able to eat white chocolate. Because it has no cocoa liquor, white chocolate has very little caffeine compared to regular chocolate. But if your chocolate issues come from any of the other ingredients regularly found in the food, including milk solids and lecithin, those are usually found in white chocolate as well.

4 Though cocoa butter does come from the cocoa plant, white chocolate doesn't have the same antioxidant benefits found in dark chocolate. That's because the antioxidants are actually found in the cocoa itself, which is separated from cocoa butter when chocolate is made.

5 Good white chocolate is not actually white. Because cocoa butter is ivory in colour, white chocolate will have a similar tone as long as it actually contains cocoa butter. Some cheaper options get around this by adding artificial colouring, which would be listed on the label.

6 Just like regular chocolate, white chocolate is delicious in sweets. It goes particularly well with lemon, berries, or milk and dark chocolate. Give it a try where you would normally use cocoa, like in these white chocolate blondies.


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