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Its Tough Being A Gentleman

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whenever its called 'a girl' , it doesnt matter if you're right or wrong , we'll always been wrong guys , sorry about that . girls and guys can befriends , obviously . that one girl we wont fall in love with , yeah that kind kita boleh buat kawan , for better , maybe a best friend like i did . i quite certain that she was the best friend i ever had since i was six years old .couple months ago, she invited me for her engagement day and i did not show up . yeah that saturday was my working day . she really expected me to be there actually , she mentioned it during one call . mungkin dia frustrated her best friend didnt come to her important day , maybe ? i dont know . but it feels like im losing her,my one and only bestie since i was a kid . i do pray for her best , i think she deserved it enough . actually i forgot the date , huhu . but that day i've been on work.around two days later, i sent a message to congrats and apologise huhu but she didnt reply any . whatever it was , i know im only her closest friend , and im content for it . and that probably make sense if she's still mad of me.

sorry its just random stuff i've been updated recently . just to keep updating the blog to make sure the backlink doesnt banned for this blog . i love this blog you know . if you ever wonder who's my gf now , then assume this blog is the one . otherwise , expect me a forever alone human . because i'm Mr Know It All .huh?

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