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Simply Hurting

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i knew a love that was more than a love
it was few years ago
in a kingdom in my heart
i let the love in
i never know the word rejection
guess that another word for a player used to be
there you came,girl you are the perfect cure for the one like me
for the first time in my life
i felt quite enough

piece by piece
i see everything crashes down
all the promises we made
all the days we've spent
you take away all the hope
burn out all the romance
my strength, you made me
end up a noob in love

i thought love is the purest feelings of all
the only thing could stands tall while everything falls
but now all i seeing
how love scrambles me

i dont get it till now
guess i wont ever understand this
how easy for some souls
decide someone is not important
after years been together
in just one day

replaying everything you ever said to me
wonderin which part i've been wronged
i am too tired to even flirt
what else i can say
you wish it over this way

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