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Cara Rampas Kepunyaan Orang

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so there are some tips for you that might accidentally fallen for someone else lover , i would not say these are my tested experiments , this is really personal hoho. but i'm strictly will not go for someone else girlfriend .never. that should explained everything .

Years versus Days ?

so s/he been with their partner for years or maybe months , and you suddenly come up in between ? you shouldnt expect so much attentions from him/her . stand on your ground dude. take it slow.

Make An Offer !

this is cliche step . ask them for sincere friendship . asas sebuah perkahwinan kukuh adalah suami dan isteri yang bersahabat . tiba-tiba. show them that you are totally can be count on . well thats friends are for .

Speeding but Maintain !

never make yourself seem too obvious to steal him/her from their lover. show them you are great friend to be around . cuba bangkitkan atmosfera penuh keselesaan dan kefahaman . cara ini selalu berjaya sekiranya seseorang itu sedang hadapi krisis bersama pasangan mereka . wah , you're such a savour ! but then , watch out or you might be only 'peralihan sementara' .

Proceed or Leaving !

from the earlier steps you should aware of the risks you're taking . even after how much you showed that someone you care, still no response , still floating in sincerity of friendship ,plus they showed you their commitment for their relationship, you'd better take a leave . seeing someone you love been with other , there's no guarantee for your heartbreaking getting better . but if the green light is lighting histerically ,only proceed if s/he response you in a way that quite convincing , and only if you believe you could make them happier than their crashed partner.

but hey , there are quite lots of single hot chicks/guys out there waiting for someone as good as you (: kenapa sibuk nak rampas kepunyaan orang lain ?

people who in relationship , dont ever take your partner for granted . you should realize , there are many singles out there praying for someone you're playing with .

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