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I'm Not A Baby

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Pertama sekali , alhamdulillah syukur ke atas peluang untuk saya berpijak di bumi ini , semoga hari ini lebih dari esok dan lusa lebih baik dari hari ini . tak dilupakan classmate yang tidak musnahkan mood baik saya hari ini . seterusnya para pembaca yang semakin hari semakin menurun , terima kasih saya ucapkan kerana sudi membaca entri saya yang semakin lama semakin kelaut . ada gaya nak jadi wakil rakyat tak -.- kalah ucapan pemenang Grammy Award .

It is quite pathetic thing when your own family did not have trust in you , isn't it ? i'l have the first trip for this short sem to Penang for this coming week , after finish the two classes for today , i met the lecturer and asked for receipt after i made the payment for the trip . she laughed . not to mention , there's another lecturer there . did all science lecturers annoying , guys ? i felt so ashamed as she asked me what did i've done that my family didnt trust me . i just smiled , smile away the feeling of shameful . i'm a grown up , handsome guy , asking for a receipt to convince my father that i didnt lie about the trip ? really down . full of ashamed . i'm not a school kid . i bet they dont get me anyway .

I tried to convince her that i really want a receipt , and she offer me to let her speak to my father . wait , she think things could be easy as ABC , H20 , what else , NaCl , what ?? Zn ? i refused her offer . i want a receipt , thats final . so she said " okay , i'l give you but not now , i dont have the receipt yet " . hurm .
actually , i dont have the heart to join the trip  but it is compulsory for me to join because it is our project to gain credits for the subject . i've planned to pretend for stomachache along the trip so i have the imunity to escape ! that easy ? i dont think so . thought of gotong royong make me sick sometimes , i just hate co-operation , they didnt really being cooperative at all -.- and the beach didnt bring any exciting feelings for me to feel excited about the trip . 

Let the truth come out by itself someday , for the time being , let them with their suspicious thoughts , i'm matured person , dont have to argue in proving i'm right . :D


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