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Gentleman sweats

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Since last night i've planned lots of activities that i wanna do for today such as sleeping , crawling to bed , rolling over floor and surfing the wall .. but then i'd to cancel it all somehow . i just finished some gentleman's task , huh . do some laundry stuff since tomorrow would be classes hurm .. but somehow , i feel thankful for the life i've been given , i'm the Independent Guy ever . unlike some other guys i happened to know that they're still dont wash their own cloths even at 21 ? for the worse , their moms handle that ?

What kind of gentleman's stuff  i'd done , yea , renovate my own room in order to avoid crowded view for my own satisfaction . it seem like just a piece of task , anyway i'm sweating -.- thats another good news for my calories huh . i bet they're happy that i'd workout on weekend -.- how i wish i still in kindergarten


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