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Bukan Nonsence Tapi Innersense

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if you've done watching the above video , you'l have a quick comprehension for what i'm gonna babbling about in this post .

Children are curious and maybe about 99% things around world in their non stop questioning mind . actually it had happened to me since  there are few of my young little cousins . since i'm not so excited to answer their every ridiculous curiousity , sometimes i just let them to figure out by themselves . huh? i know i didnt play my role very well to expose them new things that they want to know . 

The Y's Generation , normal children got this 1 Husband 5 Wives that make them want to know every little reasons and consequences of natural things happens that they'd saw or sometimes subsequent seriel one of what had happened .

So i come out with this RRR (grrr) after watching that video , the first R is Response . yeah , parents or adults , (toddler ?) should response to their child questions , sometimes a child tend to ask questions that we quite ashamed to response , i dont know what the best way to explain to them . but there are some questions we really have to postpone to answer till they're ready mentally to know . avoid , nonsence-nonsence kan soalan diorang . erk . avoid , " jangan tanya soalan merepek , boleh ?"  . Just dont stop their curiousity that help them a lot in a better mental growth .

The second R is Role . as a adult , sometimes we can answer their questions by showing them the ways we react to the situations that they used to ask us before . do you guys remember this , " i see i remember , i do i understand " ?yeah they'l remember the things they'd witnessed , but they'l more understand once they do the things , but it cant be applied to all situations . 

In the fourth paragraph , shafiq brought to you this third R , Remind . if we do really concern while listening their questions , most of them are really relates to one another . so why dont we answer a question , and if kids ask the related questions , we remind them the same answer we used to told them before but add up new words if we need to , just to suit the question , the power of reminding is the key of strengthen their memory strength , isnt it ?

just dont question me who's this kid , he's grown up well and well-manner,not a player.bye.


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