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Define ' Blended Feelings '

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Blended feelings or mixed emotions are typically happened in our life..nature of human beings.happens in most of days is just like show stage,whether you wanna show em' your masked feelings or real one but surely will confusing them..haha..

Mixed Blended Feelings are confusion to the soul

#1 situation

you see your hater come closer to you..a second later,you see a kid behind you throwin a Galaxy Mega at her/his face till cause her/him fall down in crowd..right in front of your dont know whether to laugh or cry,cuz that Galaxy Mega 6.3 is yours -.-


you are a new there are some international visitors come across the world to visit your dont know whether to feel excited or sceptical as your posts mainly in your own language which 99% outsiders have no idea what are you babbles about -.-


so now its almost 7:00pm (Malaysia time) you're just awake as it been a rainy sweet day for bedtime.then you just realize you've missed a class that is should have start about 30 minutes ago.then you got a message says 'class cancelled'.you dont know to shout for joy or regrets of taking a long nap as the message also tells you that 'a must attending meeting by right 7.00pm,show ur face,or u gonna die.'


your parents gonna have an annivesary vacation about a 3 days 2 nights.they ask you to join em',you want celebrates as they'l leave you with your needed privacy.but then they ask you to take care of your youngest sister since you wanna dont know whether to celebrates the spoiled needed privacy or going for a vacation instead -.-

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Being Yourself, tell them there's no time in explaining to 'who's asking so much'


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