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sometime honesty is worst policy

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i was a man who never lied..never lied until today..
but i just cant break your heart tonite..
like you did mine yesterday..

i know your inside you feel so hollow
n its a hard real thing to swallow
but i done fallen for you
now i'l never recover..
every hurt turn me into someone new..
i'l never be de same..

i really wanna love you baby..
i really wanna push this nite away..
i know we're only halfway there..

i really wanna touch you baby..
i think bout you baby..
every single day in my way..
i know we're only halfway there..

you're such a hard act for me to follow
love me today dont leave me tomorrow

Permanent Scars

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i heard you cry 
bathed in de rain of tears
dropped by your heart door
you said you wished you did not love me anymore

you left your music box in de drawer
saying you wont play it no more
the things we said n did have left permanent scars..

Obsessed , depressed at de same time..
i cant even walk in de straight line
i've been lying in de dark..there's no light..

this is more than a goodbye..
when my eyes hit your pics..
you're not even there..
 you've lost your control..
you hit your low..
and you want me back for more ..

you may not believe it but i gave you all i have..
just confess you're still mine..
i roll round in bed full of tears..

Beautiful Goodbye.

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 i count the days i let you down ..
poetry words cant help me now ..
i gripped you tight but you're slipping out ..
i remember your eyes were so bright ..
when seeing your photo for de first time ..
now i'm kissing your tears goodnight..
i cant take it 
but you're even perfect when you cry ..

when did de rain become a storm ?
when did de cloud begin to fall ?
we'r knocked ..of course, by a natural force ..
well we'l be swimming when its gone..

all de pain you tryna hide..
shows thru your beautiful eyes as tears stream down ..
let em' go let em' fly..
holding back wont turn back time ..
believe me,i've tried.


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